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a freshly brewed paradox

the leaky mug

irk of the day/past week – my coffee mug leaks.  and it’s not geyser status or anything, but it’s just enough to be a substantial nuisance. and you wanna know the other thing?

well I’ll tell you. it only leaks when the substance inside is hot.  so I have to wait until my coffee gets cold in order to not have it on my pants.  so do I go with hot-pants-coffee or cold-and-contained-clean-clothing-but-quite-cantankerous-coffee?

in reality it isn’t a big deal. I just take the lid off.  but dangit, why can’t a man drink his coffee through a lid.


Flash professor does show up

Harrisonburg, Va.  The Flash CS4 class at EMU waited for upwards of 13 minutes for their professor to come to class this morning.  “I really want to learn how to Flash today, but I can’t do it without Scott’s help,” said Katie Rodriguez, a worried student.  Scott is an expert in Flash, and his students were eagerly awaiting his appearance.  Finally, the master Flasher rolled in at approximately 11:53 a.m.  “Sorry I’m late.  Sometimes A is B, and I know it should be A, but I choose B.”  The class then promptly began learning about a program that does not function.

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