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Praveen Chhetri and I wrote/shot/directed/edited this scene for our vidcam class.  Props to Kelsey Landes and Justin Rittenhouse for acting, and acting well.


benny thunder and the stack attack

benny thunder appreciates art. benny thunder creates art. benny thunder stacks cups at an above average pace.


it’s beat poetry… man


beat poetry

Artist’s Statement

Artists use a variety of media to express their work.  Some media are very straightforward, and some are a bit off the beaten path.  One art form I have always found a bit peculiar is the genre of beat poetry.  To me, the whole “beat generation” scene has always seemed like a group of artistic people trying too hard.  I feel that poetry can only be melodramatic to a point before it goes too far.  Don’t get me wrong; I truly enjoy a good poem, maybe even a mediocre one every now and then.  But though I’ve tried, I have never found a place in my heart or my soul for beat poems.

With this project, I wanted to have a little fun by poking at the idea of beat poetry.  I attempted to compose my own beat poem that parodies the stereotypes of this genre of writing/performing.  I laid the track of the spoken poem to a series of corresponding still images – those of a beat poet “in performance.”  The series as a whole focuses less on the individual images and more on the stop-motion-esque feeling they present.

The basic principle of this series is to just have a little fun.  So often we get caught up in the seriousness and complexity of life, and I have found this to be particularly true in my own previous works.  This is my attempt at stepping away from the heavy and letting go of emotionally loaded themes.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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