Dmart is a goodest plus bestest friend.

Dmart likes gooder things than most others do like.

Have a problem issue?  Dmart likes them solving to do.

He likes faces!

Chevrolet > Ford!  that is a Dmart opinion.

Dmart’s favorite is honking when he sees you and he is driving his Chevrolet > Ford!

Dmart likes playing baseball. Whoa!

Dmart can chop wood with an axe in his bare hands.

Dmart went to a country in South America and I think it was Paraguay.

If you want to know more about Dmart please ask him. He’s around.


1 Response to “Dmart!”

  1. 1 J Dawg
    April.18.2010 at 2.50.pm

    what a cool kid.

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