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Tobias Johnson

I’ve decided to dedicate a post every now and then to a biographical profile of one of my friends.  Today, I have the special honor of introducing a rather special individual, Tobias Johnson:

Here are a few fun things about Tobias:

Tobias likes helping people.

Tobias likes listening to things.

His favorite animal is a donkey.

Tobias always wears his favorite glasses, so he can see everything in 3-D.

Sometimes Tobias gets upset but he settles down right away.

His favorite movie is Baby Geniuses, due to inspiration.

Tobias likes the sound it makes when he puts his hands together really hard.

This one time, Tobias found a very interesting rock on the ground, but we made him put it back.

Tobias is a great friend, and we are all very proud of him and everything he has accomplished.  We love you, Toby.


a freshly brewed paradox

the leaky mug

irk of the day/past week – my coffee mug leaks.  and it’s not geyser status or anything, but it’s just enough to be a substantial nuisance. and you wanna know the other thing?

well I’ll tell you. it only leaks when the substance inside is hot.  so I have to wait until my coffee gets cold in order to not have it on my pants.  so do I go with hot-pants-coffee or cold-and-contained-clean-clothing-but-quite-cantankerous-coffee?

in reality it isn’t a big deal. I just take the lid off.  but dangit, why can’t a man drink his coffee through a lid.


benny thunder and the stack attack

benny thunder appreciates art. benny thunder creates art. benny thunder stacks cups at an above average pace.

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